Static Resource Grafting Demo

Demo of static resource grafting.


  1. Observe that the two demo paragraphs below indicate that they have not been "grafted."
  2. Install the "Static Resource Grafter" Chrome extension:
    1. Check out the mihaip/web-experiments GitHub repository and find the static-resource-grafting subdirectory within it.
    2. Go to the "Extensions" tab of Chrome's settings panel.
    3. Enable "Developer mode".
    4. Using the "Load unpacked extension…" button pick the extension directory
  3. Start the local "development" server
    1. Go into the static-resource-grafting directory.
    2. Run python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000.
    3. Verify that http://localhost:8000/grafted/ shows the two files that are to be grafted.
  4. Reload this page.
  5. Observe that the two demo paragraphs below now indicate that they have been "grafted."

Script Grafting

Style Grafting

If styles have been grafted then this paragraph will have a green outline.