Mihai Parparita

Work Experience


November 2012 to Present
Did (and doing) many things. The Quip category of my blog has some details.


Staff Software Engineer
August 2004 to November 2012

Google Chrome (2010-2012)

  • Focused on WebKit quality and reliability; fastest external contributor to become a WebKit reviewer.
  • Improved and created infrastructure for the layout test regression-catching system.
  • Made several JavaScript events asynchronous (for performance and security), improved spec compliance of HTML5 history and canvas features.
  • Part of WebKit gardener rotation and other grungy work.
  • Tech lead of Chrome Apps and Extensions. Made several platform improvements and led the team that launched packaged apps at Google I/O 2012.

Google Reader (2005-2010)

  • Founding member of the team, and frontend tech lead since 2006.
  • Primary implementor of the redesigned user interface that brought Reader widespread praise.
  • Designed, implemented and maintained Reader's iGoogle gadget and the trends feature.
  • Co-designed and implemented the first friends functionality in Reader, which increased sharing by 25%.
  • Implemented several "engineer productivity" features (automatic recompilation of JavaScript, templates and CSS in development, automatic flagging of duplicate RPCs, logging of RPCs per HTTP request).
  • Ported Reader to the Closure Library and Closure Compiler and contributed to both.
  • Implemented a reskinned user interface that later became the standard for other Google apps.
  • Performed and released data analyses of interest to developers and aided several third-party developers.
  • Implemented part of PubSubHubbub support for Reader shared items.
  • Co-designed and implemented Reader integration with Buzz comments.
  • Implemented backend improvements that reduced CPU usage and storage layer lookups by 50%.
  • Implemented frontend and UI performance improvements that reduced startup time by 45%. Created dashboard and improved tracking of performance issues.

AdWords Frontend (2004-2005)

  • Joined Notification Center (feature that allows customer representatives to receive account alerts) halfway through development. Closed 150 bugs (roughly half in a 4 week period leading up to the initial launch).
  • Tracked down several performance issues, implemented monitoring dashboard.
  • Co-designed and implemented the external version of the Notification Center described above (launched as Account Snapshot), one of the first AJAX-y user-facing features in the AdWords frontend.
  • Part of build cop rotation for the ads frontend (spanning several timezones and 100 engineers).


Performance Group - Intern
June to August 2003
  • Analyzed performance impact of VMotion, a key feature of VMware VirtualCenter, a brand-new product.
  • Investigated performance issues of server component of VirtualCenter.


Picture It!/MSN Photos - Intern
June to September 2002
  • Developed an add-in for Visual C++ .NET that allowed Javadoc-like functionality (documentation alongside the codebase, with browsable and searchable output formats).
  • Created three tools using ASP.NET and C# to help manage configuration files.

OIT - WebMedia

Web Specialist
February 2001 to June 2004
  • Automated broadcast site creation process using Perl.
  • Updated a legacy campus map system to have a new interface and administration system.
  • Created an email-based customizable subscription system for notifications.

The Daily Princetonian

Web Department - Online Editor
September 2000 to January 2004
  • Modified layout generation system using MySQL and server-side Java.
  • Extended publishing system to support the daily email delivery.
  • Designed online presence of The Prince Magazine, a weekly feature.

Mscape Software

September 1998 to June 2004
  • Launched this personal software label - conceived and executed all aspects of product development.
  • Successfully transitioned flagship program, Iconographer, to Mac OS X.
  • Products have been favorably reviewed in MacAddict, MacWorld and several other magazines.


Princeton University Class of 2004
3.82 GPA - Computer Science BSE (Magna Cum Laude)
St. Mary's International School (Tokyo) Class of 2000
4.21 GPA - Valedictorian

Skills and Interests


  • Recent experience in C++, Java, Python and JavaScript.
  • Experience longer ago in Perl, C#, Matlab and MySQL.
  • Long-running personal technical blog at persistent.info.


  • Native-level knowledge of English, native speaker of Romanian, fluent in Japanese, passable French.
  • Interested in airplanes, digital photography, food and history.