Mihai Parparita

Work Experience

Google Inc.

Staff Software Engineer
August 2004 to Present

Google Chrome (2010-present)

  • Focused on WebKit quality and reliability; fastest external contributor to become a WebKit reviewer.
  • Improved and created infrastructure for the layout test regression-catching system.
  • Made several JavaScript events asynchronous (for performance and security), improved spec compliance of HTML5 history and canvas features.
  • Part of WebKit gardener rotation and other grungy work.

Google Reader (2005-2010)

  • Founding member of the team, and frontend tech lead since 2006.
  • Primary implementor of the redesigned user interface that brought Reader widespread praise.
  • Designed, implemented and maintained Reader's iGoogle gadget and the trends feature.
  • Co-designed and implemented the first friends functionality in Reader, which increased sharing by 25%.
  • Implemented several "engineer productivity" features (automatic recompilation of JavaScript, templates and CSS in development, automatic flagging of duplicate RPCs, logging of RPCs per HTTP request).
  • Ported Reader to the Closure Library and Closure Compiler and contributed to both.
  • Implemented a reskinned user interface that later became the standard for other Google apps.
  • Performed and released data analyses of interest to developers and aided several third-party developers.
  • Implemented part of PubSubHubbub support for Reader shared items.
  • Co-designed and implemented Reader integration with Buzz comments.
  • Implemented backend improvements that reduced CPU usage and storage layer lookups by 50%.
  • Implemented frontend and UI performance improvements that reduced startup time by 45%. Created dashboard and improved tracking of performance issues.

AdWords Frontend (2004-2005)

  • Joined Notification Center (feature that allows customer representatives to receive account alerts) halfway through development. Closed 150 bugs (roughly half in a 4 week period leading up to the initial launch).
  • Tracked down several performance issues, implemented monitoring dashboard.
  • Co-designed and implemented the external version of the Notification Center described above (launched as Account Snapshot), one of the first AJAX-y user-facing features in the AdWords frontend.
  • Part of build cop rotation for the ads frontend (spanning several timezones and 100 engineers).

VMware, Inc.

Performance Group - Intern
June to August 2003
  • Analyzed performance impact of VMotion, a key feature of VMware VirtualCenter, a brand-new product.
  • Investigated performance issues of server component of VirtualCenter.

Microsoft Corporation

Picture It!/MSN Photos - Intern
June to September 2002
  • Developed an add-in for Visual C++ .NET that allowed Javadoc-like functionality (documentation alongside the codebase, with browsable and searchable output formats).
  • Created three tools using ASP.NET and C# to help manage configuration files.

OIT - WebMedia

Web Specialist
February 2001 to June 2004
  • Automated broadcast site creation process using Perl.
  • Updated a legacy campus map system to have a new interface and administration system.
  • Created an email-based customizable subscription system for notifications.

The Daily Princetonian

Web Department - Online Editor
September 2000 to January 2004
  • Modified layout generation system using MySQL and server-side Java.
  • Extended publishing system to support the daily email delivery.
  • Designed online presence of The Prince Magazine, a weekly feature.

Mscape Software

September 1998 to June 2004
  • Launched this personal software label - conceived and executed all aspects of product development.
  • Successfully transitioned flagship program, Iconographer, to Mac OS X.
  • Products have been favorably reviewed in MacAddict, MacWorld and several other magazines.


Princeton University Class of 2004
3.82 GPA - Computer Science BSE (Magna Cum Laude)
St. Mary's International School (Tokyo) Class of 2000
4.21 GPA - Valedictorian

Skills and Interests


  • Recent experience in C++, Java, Python and JavaScript.
  • Experience longer ago in Perl, C#, Matlab and MySQL.
  • Long-running personal technical blog at persistent.info.


  • Native-level knowledge of English, native speaker of Romanian, fluent in Japanese, passable French.
  • Interested in airplanes, digital photography, food and history.